All Our Gourmet Sausages are 100% Gluten Free


Beef Sausages

Beef, Spinach & Pine Nut
Beef, spinach, pine nuts & kibble black pepper

Garlic Beef & Vegies
beef, mixed vegies, garlic, mixed peppers

American Beef
Beef, GF breadcrumbs, eggs, sage, parsley, black pepper & cayenne pepper

Moroccan Beef
Beef, yoghurt, prunes, golden syrup, almonds, onion, coriander, cumin, garlic, cracked black pepper, all spice, tumeric, cinnamon, lemon juice & zest, & chilli

Mexican Beef
Beef, kidney beans, yoghurt, red capsicum, onion, cumin oregano & cayenne pepper

Ham, Cheese & Tomato
Beef, tasty cheese, tomato paste, smoked black pepper & sweet paprika

Beef Cheese and Chives
Beef, cheese, chives & Italian herbs

Chilli Beef
Beef, red capsicum, chilli & paprika

Tomato Basil
Beef, Italian tomato paste, fresh basil, white pepper & paprika

Rendang Beef
Beef, garlic, onion, golden syrup, coconut cream, cumin, coriander, fennel, cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne pepper

Honey Baked Ham
Beef, ham & bacon, raw honey, coriander, smoked black pepper,cayenne pepper & sage

BBQ Meatlovers
Beef, tasty cheese, kibble black pepper, vegetable, maise flour, meal, preservative 223

Chilli Con Carne
Beef, chilli, cumin, red kidney beans, paprika, tomato, black pepper

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Beef, sundried tomatoes, tomatoes, garlic, onion, Italian herbs, bacon, red wine, GF spaghetti, fetta, kibble black pepper

Beef Paprika and Onion
Beef, pork, sugar, paprika, red wine, onion

Quinoa Beef
Beef, Quinoa, Rice Flour, garlic, parsley.


Lamb Sausages

Honey, Lamb & Rosemary
Lamb, raw honey, Italian herbs, & rosemary

Armenian Lamb
Lamb, onion flakes, garlic, mint, & black pepper

North African Merguez
Lamb, paprika, onion, garlic, coriander, kibbled black pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, & oregano

Tandoori Malai Tikka
Lamb, yoghurt, tandoori paste, shan achar gosht, garlic, mint, & coriander

Tunisian Lamb
Lamb, paprika, cumin, garlic, course black pepper, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ginger, thyme, & orange juice & zest

Cheese & Vegemite
Lamb, tasty cheese, onion, gluten free vegemite, kibble black pepper

Lamb Souvlaki
Lamb, Greek yoghurt, sun dried tomato, onion, sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon juice & zest, kibbled black pepper, parsley, & thyme

Lamb, Fetta & Sundried Tomatoes
Lamb, spinach, sun dried tomato, fetta, onion & kibbled black pepper

Greek Lamb
Lamb, spinach, fetta, sun dried tomato, onion, pine nuts, black pepper, & garlic

Lamb Rogan Josh
Lamb, garlic, ginger, cardamon, coriander, fennel, yoghurt, vinegar, cumin, paprika, onion, mace & mint

Lamb and Mint
Lamb, sugar, black pepper, sage, mint, rosemary & parsley

Lamb and Coconut Curry
Lamb, onion, chilli, ginger, garlic, curry powder, tomato, coconut milk

Paprika Lamb
Lamb, red pepper, paprika, garlic, black pepper, thyme & carraway seeds

Moroccan Lamb
Lamb, yoghurt, prunes, golden syrup, almonds, onion, coriander, cumin, garlic, cracked black pepper, all spice,tumeric, cinnamon, lemon juice, chilli


Pork Sausages

Pork, Cranberry & Pistachio
Pork, apple, cranberries, golden syrup, onion, majoram, sage, black pepper, pistachios, & cinnamon

Smokey Bacon
Pork, ham & bacon, onion, smoked black pepper, paprika, coriander, sage & mace

Sonoma Bratwurst
Pork, coriander, white pepper, garlic, course black pepper, mace & all spice

Pork, beef, garlic, kibbled black pepper, parsley, coriander seeds

English Bangers
Pork, GF breadcrumbs, white pepper, sage, ginger, mace

Chorizo Fresh
Pork, garlic, paprika, red wine vinegar, cumin, cayenne pepper & black pepper

Pork, garlic, kibbled black pepper, fennel, & cayenne pepper

Pork, beef, white wine, garlic, course black pepper & chilli

Pork & Pineapple
Pork, pineapple & raw honey

Boerewors (Coil)
pork, beef, pork speck, coriander, black pepper, white vinegar, nutmeg, ground cloves

Pork and Apple
Pork, apple juice, brown sugar, white pepper, cinnamon, sage, ginger & mace

Pork, white wine, garlic and white pepper

Apricot and Almond
Pork, almonds, apricot, honey, paprika, onon & black pepper

Pork, paprika, garlic, black pepper & carraway seeds

Danish Breakfast
Pork, veal, onion, white pepper, nutmeg, parsley & chilli fennel & cayenne pepper

Pork, parmesan cheese, garlic, black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cayenne pepper & cloves

Nuremberg Bratwurst
Pork, beef, bacon, white pepper, caraway seeds & mace

Filipino Longansia
Pork, beef, brown sugar, chilli sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, GF Worcestershire sauce, black pepper & paprika

Pork, Apple and Fennel
Pork, sage, fennel, black pepper, apple & apple juice

Hot Sicilian
Pork, garlic, kibbled black pepper, fennel & cayenne pepper

Spiced Pork and Apple
Pork, sage, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, apple & apple juice

Irish Pork
GF bread crumbs, egg, garlic, thyme, basil, rosemary, marjoram & black pepper

Hungarian Kolbasz
Pork, garlic, paprika, black pepper, ground cloves, lemon juice & zest

Pork Vindaloo
Pork, cumin, mace ginger, tamarind, vinegar, onion, cinnamon & chilli

Aussie Pork

Jalapeno Cheddar
Pork, Onion, Cheddar cheese, Chilli flakes, jalapeno chilli, black pepper


Chicken Sausages

Chicken, Fetta & Sun Dried Tomato
Chicken, spinach, onion, sun dried tomato, black pepper

Curried Chicken & Rice
Chicken, mixed vegies, rice, curry powder, & onion

Chicken, Spinach & Pine Nut
Chicken, spinach, pine nuts & black pepper

Honey Chicken & Sweet Corn
Chicken, corn, raw honey, paprika

Apricot Chicken
Chicken, honey, apricot, paprika, black pepper, ground cloves, currypowder, dried apricot, apricot nectar, sweet chilli sauce, onion

Chilli Chicken
Chicken red peppers, paprika, birds eye chilli

Roman Chicken
Chicken, green peppers, onion, Roman cheese, kibbled black pepper

Chicken, Cheese & Chives
Chicken, cheese, Italian herbs, garlic chives

Garlic Chicken & Vegies
Chicken, Vegies, mixed peppers & garlic

Thai Green Curry Chicken
Chicken, basmati rice, green beans, fish sauce, coconut cream, palm sugar,Thai green curry paste, fresh basil, & kaffir lime leaves

Thai Red Curry Chicken
Chicken, rice, green beans, fish sauce, coconut cream, sugar , Thai red curry paste, fresh basil, kaffir lime leaves

Chicken, Mango, Chilli and Dark Chocolate
Chicken, mango, chilli, dark chocolate, potato flour, paprika, cinnamon, black pepper, onion flakes & brown sugar

Chicken, Bacon, Shallots and Mushrooms
Chicken, bacon, shallots, mushrooms, black peppers, rosemary & onion

Sang Choy Bow
Pork, chicken, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, shallots, ginger, garlic, bamboo shoots, chestnuts, lettuce,



Wild Boar (Gluten free)
Wild boar, brown sugar, garlic, onion, kibbled black pepper, paprika, sage, parsley, cayenne pepper, & nutmeg

Honey Roo & Rosemary (Gluten free)
Kangaroo, honey, Italian herbs, & rosemary

Emu & Worcestershire (Gluten free)
Emu, worcestershire sauce, onion, garlic & black pepper

Duck & Orange (Gluten free)
Duck, shallots, orange juice & zest, garlic, paprika, black pepper & cloves.

Lime Chilli Crocodile (Gluten free)
Crocodile, coconut cream, garlic, coriander, birds eye chilli, lime juice & zest & black pepper.

Duck honey, soy and ginger (Gluten free)
Duck, potato starch, soy sauce, black pepper, ginger, lemon zest, onion, tomato paste

Alpaca Lemon and Paprika (Gluten free)
Alpaca, garlic, paprika, black pepper, cloves and lemon juice